Tollywood Actors and their Pets

Tollywood actors and their pets: Pets are like family, Many people love to adopt dogs. Having a pet dog has become quite common in many households. We also have a few celebrities in our telugu film industry who have pet dogs. They treat them like their family member itself. So here are the celebrities who love pets.

Tollywood actors and their pets

Nagarjuna’s pet dog

Actor Akkinenni Nagarjuna along with his wife Amala are great lover of dogs. Nagarjuna has also joined hands with Blue Cross association of Hyderabad to protect the dogs. He spends his free time with his pets and loves playing with them all the time. 

Ramcharan’s Pet Dog

Ram Charan Tej has a black Labrador dog. He calls it by the name Brat, But he lost it few years ago. He got a dog as a gift from his wife Upasana on his birthday. He loves his pets so much that he has turned vegetarian for his dog. He says he always stays cool because of his pet, because of his bonding with his pet. He feels that there is a sense of comfort and his pet gives him positive vibes. 

Anushka Shetty’s Pet Dog

Actress Anusha Shetty is a lover of pets, She not only loves them but she also works for protecting them. Along with her pet dogs, she attended the one such event organized at the Blue Cross Pet Carnival. Anushka Shetty says that she loves spending time with her pets, She finds extreme peace and happiness with them all the time.

Amala Paul’s Pet Dog

Actress Amala Paul loves her pets very much, Not only pets she is an animal lover. She spends her free time with her pet dog always. She also works for animal protection cause.

Kajal Agarwal’s pet dog

Kajal Agarwal a popular actress in tollywood has a pet dog, Its name is Caesar. She loves her pets a lot and spends her free time with it. It is really wonderful to play with pets when we are free. It makes us feel happy and we forget all our troubles just by playing with them. Pets can understand our emotions wonderfully.

Amala Akkineni’s Pet Dog

Actress Amala Akkineni is also a lover of dogs, Not only dogs b ut every animal. She raised her voice to prevent dog killing and support ABC/ARV for street dogs in Bengaluru. She works with animal organizations for their safety and protection.

Trisha Krishnan’s pet dog

Tirsha Krishnan is an active member of PETA organization, Blue cross and othr Pet Protection organizations. She loves playing with dogs, She has her own dog, She also treats all dogs like her own.

Priyamani’s Pet Dog

Actress Priyamani, Is an ardent animal lover. She has a pet dog and she says that she treats her pet like her boyfriend itself. During her free time, she plays with her little doggy. Priyamani says that she loves dogs and cats, Her pets name is Mocha, and she simply adores it.

Manchu Manoj’s Pet Dog

Actor Manchu Manoj has a pet dog named Zeus which is a siberain husky. He loves playing with it, He posts so many photos with his pet publicly flaunting his love for it. 

Siddarth’s Pet Dog

Siddarth has a pet dog as well. While he was talking about pets he tweeted that ‘ I have a son, but he has four legs and a crooked tail. His name is Mowgli, I found him near a slum, I rescued him and he rescued me with his unconditional love.’ Siddarth also says that his pet is the biggest coward in the world. Funny isn’t it.

Vijay Deverakonda and Storm Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda has recently brought a Siberain Husky pup into his family and they named Storm Deverakonda. Siberain Huskies are usually very playful pets, We have seen on social media as well. Vijay and Storm have many playful moments together.

Samantha- Naga Chaitanya and Hash Akkineni

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya got their BullDog. Hash is very famous just like his mom and dad. We have seen in many Samantha social media posts regarding her love for Hash, She never leaves a moment to play with Hash.

Mahesh Babu and his two dogs

Mahesh Babu and his family have two bidg dogs, We don’t have their names. But we can see Mahesh Babu and Namrata often share photos and videos of their two pets dogs. Even namrata said that the two dogs have made their home a much better place to live in.

Keerthy Suresh and Nyke

Keerthy Suresh has her furry friend called Nyke, It is Shih Tzu. Keerthy and Nyke are best friends. Keerthy Suresh always tags the NYke in her social media posts. The actress Instagram and Facebook is filled with the loe for her and Nyke. Isn’t it wonderful?

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