Telugu Quotes on Life | Updated 2020

Meaning of Life:

Life is an attribute that differentiate physical structures that have biological procedures, such as communicating, signalling and self sustaining processes.

Various forms of life exist, such as plants, animals, fungi, bacteria etc. Among them we are Homo Sapiens, the species which all modern human beings belong to.

Now let’s talk about Human Life and the exact purpose of our existence. The actual meaning of life according to positive psychology is to fulfill our purpose in life and accomplish our goals. Everyone has a purpose, of why they are living. None of us will be here if we all didn’t have a purpose. Life has many aspects and is understood in many ways depending on how much knowledge and information we have, and the ability to understand it all.

We live a life because there are people who love us, and people we love back. Some of them love their parents a lot and some others love their friends. Some people don’t have loved ones. There are different categories of people in a society. We reside a life because of learning and finding out new things. Human values and ethics are the most important things in life. Honesty, love, integrity and happiness are some of the end values or destination values that Human beings seek to attain, practice and live them.

To achieve one’s goals, the important aspect of life is faith and hardworking nature. Acquire positive vibes from people to lead a peaceful life. Health and happiness is much more important to be a successful person. Every upcoming successful person might have stress and problems. Overcoming those issues is appreciable. The people who conquer and fight those difficulties will be able to become a blockbusting person. 

Heart touching Telugu Quotes on Life:

  1. Poradaali anukuntey,Neetho nuvvu poraadu…

    Gelavaali anukuntey,

    neetho nuvvu potii padu…

    Nee paina nuvvu gelisthey,

    Prapanchanni jayinchinattey…

  1. Nijayithi unna vyakti tana manasaakshi angeekarinchani panulu cheyaledu!!!

  2. Orpu mariyu Sahanam yenta cheduga untayoo, Vaati valana labhinchey prathiphalam antey teeyaga untundi.

  3. Jeevithamlo yedaina sadhinchaali antey, Mundu opikaga undatam avasaram. Ala unteyne vijayaalanu saadhinchagalaru.

  4. Gamyam anedi oka avakaasam kaadhu, adi ennukovalasina lakshyam. Adi eduruchoodalsina vasthuvu kaadu, krushi to cheraalsinde…

  5. Gatham gurinchi baadhapadutu kurcho kudadu, gatham nerphina paathalato bhavishyatthunu saraina daarilo nirnayinchukovaali…

  6. Aarogyamga leni manishi jeevithamlo edi saadhinchaledu!!!

  7. Kastalu nee shatruvu kaavu, nee balam balaheenatha teliyachesey nijamaina mitrulu…

  8. Ninnu ninnuga istapadevaariki, nevemito cheppalsina avasaram ledu. Nuvvante istam leni vaariki, nuvvu enta cheppina ardam kaadu…

  9. Unnatanga edagadaniki miku prapancham avasaram…Edigina taruvata, prapanchaniki mee avasaram untundi..! Anduke prapancham mee kosam eduruchoosela meeru edagaali…

Premier Techniques to be a Healthiest person and Live a Happy Life:

First of all we should be healthier to lead a joyful life. We would be able to achieve our goals easily if we are happier. It is simple and sophisticated.

Some of the ways which make our lifestyle better and organised,

  • Spend the time out in Nature with your loved ones. It is very much refreshing. You will get a break from the virtual and homosapien society and it’s always a good practice to take some fresh air.
  • Practice physical exercise. Any of the physical exercise will work but you should be aware of it. Motivate yourselves to start healthy lifestyle practices like Yoga, Meditation and workouts.
  • Have a proper diet. Healthify your food habits by having fruits and vegetables. Organise a diet plan and follow that every day. This makes your immune system strong.
  • Drink more water and get healthier. Water helps our body to maintain a constant temperature so that our body organs can function without any complications.
  • Learn new things
  • Do more what you love
  • Appreciate yourself with a positive attitude
  • Surprise your loved ones by doing something good for them.
  • Erase the negative thoughts away
  • Don’t use to compare yourself with others


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