How to Buy Land on Moon from India

Can we own a piece of land on the Moon? Who has the right and ownership on the moon? Information on changes and litigations 

Selling and buying land on the moon is considered to be illegal according to an international treaty known as the Outer Space Treaty. In 1967, when three big nations the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom held an international treaty called the Outer Space Treaty, according to which all nations including India can’t be the owners of the Moon and asteroid.

They neither sell nor own a piece of land on the moon.  This prevents all nations from performing any business activities in outer space.

Can we purchase land on the Moon?

According to the Outer Space Treaty, Even though so many nations had planted their own flags on the lunar surface, they can’t claim the ownership of the Moon or an asteroid. As of 2019, around 109 nations have agreed to the pact and another 23 nations have to agree to the treaty.  

Though there is an international agreement on owning land on the moon and asteroid, many online portals like the Lunar Land Registry that ensures that they sell a piece of lunar land to them.  

Can we own a piece of land on the moon?

An answer to this question is NO. As the international treaty Outer Space Treaty explicitly mentioned that no nation can claim the ownership of the moon, proclaim it as it’s his or her own. All kinds of activities of space and space explorations are meant to benefit mankind. Though there are several agencies that lure people to buy a piece of lunar land from their portal.

People like Rajeev V Bagdhi and the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput reportedly have purchased the lunar land from portals like this. Many companies are coming up with online portals to sell the land on the moon. However, India has agreed to the International treaty to prevent anyone from claiming the ownership of the moon and owning and selling it to anyone.     

The late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput claimed to have purchased a piece of lunar land from a portal. Buying land on the moon is one of his dreams. 

In 2015, The US intended to pass a bill regarding any asteroid or space resource obtained, including to own, transport, use, and sell it according to law. However, this bill was not materialized in the US parliament.


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