Are Tom and Jerry Best Friends? – Age-Old Question Answered

Are Tom and Jerry’s best friends?  A post that went viral had disclosed the decades’ age of question regarding their friendship. Everyone as a child had a question concerning Tom and Jerrys’ relationship.

Everyone who watches the popular animated show ‘Tom And Jerry’ would have thought about Tom and Jerry’s rivalry. The question regarding Tom and Jerrys’ friendship has finally been answered. Reddit has managed to get an answer to a quite popular question.  Reddit has gotten many inputs from fans who have been throwing light upon the fact that the duo is not foes at all but are best friends.  

Are Tom and Jerry Best Friends?

A few episodes suggested that though Tom and Jerry seem foes, in reality, they are true friends. They sometimes exchange smiles and shake hands with each other. 

Though Tom is large in size and has clever strategies and an energetic mindset, he fails in getting the best of Jerry, because of Jerry’s shrewdness, abilities, and luck.  However, they sometimes show indisputable friendship and worry for each others’ well being. At other times, they set aside their enmity to follow the common goal.  They often help save each other’s lives when they find they are in danger.

The animation is meant for comedy. Therefore, they are always in competition and to dominate the other. They follow each other. However, they never truly hate each other. They make pranks and escape from each other.  Jerry always finds a way to disturb the tom and make him angered. On other hand, Tom always wanted to drive Jerry out of his life. 

The fighting between Tom and Jerry amused all people right from the 6 years old to aged person.  They are sometimes friends and foes. Tom and Jerrys’ violence and comedy, remains a popular cartoon across the world today. Sometimes, people can relate to Jerrys’ character that there is always an oppressor in everybody’s lives.  

Tom and Jerry is an animated comedy short film created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1940. This series features comic fights between a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry).  Now Tom and Jerrys’ fifth show Tom and Jerry Show is being aired on Cartoon Network Channel.  

As per sources, Warner Brothers, who purchased the rights to Tom and Jerry, would release a live-action movie before Christmas this year.  


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